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Rooney transfer events but also to achieve a small climax, Manchester United officially announced that Chelsea refused a second offer, also re-confirmed Wayne Rooney is not for sale, British media reports, this quote directly transfer fee amount 25 million, plus a 5 million floating transfer fee, value reached 30 million pounds. In addition, the official Manchester United also announced to participate in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, warm-up match against AIK squad, has confirmed that the injury healed before Rooney because of last weekend's warm-up match against Betis injured his shoulder and missed the trip to Sweden.

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Fleet Street analysis, in fact, Rooney did not cause illness, but the results of both games because chubby farther and farther away from Old Trafford. In last night's news conference before the Champions League, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson finally spoke on Rooney transfer position. He said that Rooney's agent told the Manchester United players headed his wish to leave the team, and this Hou Luni also repeat the words of the broker. Ferguson said he was shocked and disappointed, I hope Rooney can change their mind. It is worth mentioning that Rooney's contract until the 2011/12 season expires. He is said to have been at Old Trafford posters removed. wholesale nfl jerseys outlet, wholesale nfl jerseys authentic, wholesale nfl jerseys 2013, wholesale nfl jerseys authentic, wholesale nfl jerseys ab, discount nfl jerseys authentic, nfl jerseys wholesale. Rooney exodus are many reasons, such as the Ferguson dissatisfaction, discontent on the salary, the team lineup dissatisfaction; Rooney's next home also has a variety of layouts, Real Madrid, Manchester City has the most confidence that they can afford to dig money , robbed of their strengths. C Ronaldo, Tevez has Rooney wading road, it is important that they now flies are good.

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As early as the heart is not Rooney Old Trafford, Manchester United had the idea to sell it, but unfortunately Chelsea's offer is too low, Chelsea, Manchester United must first reject offer, then announced that Wayne Rooney is not for sale, this is just the negotiating table a strategy Bale. Manchester United to fight for their best interests, Rooney also fight for their best interests, or local time on August 5, Wayne Rooney and Manchester United coach David Moyes once again meet and talk privately, compared with the previous times, the atmosphere of the talks even worse, an insider close to Old Trafford disclosure, Rooney boomed again in conversation, clearly told David Moyes, he wants to leave Manchester United, and even ask how much the transfer fee to let Manchester United release. Rooney so busy, we can imagine the atmosphere in the locker room now Manchester United, Wayne Rooney and break at the edge of several heavyweights, including Ryan Giggs, Patrice Evra and Ferdinand including several players in the event of a very angry Rooney transfer. Chelsea, Manchester United reject second offer, just west London club hopes to continue to raise its offer to meet their psychological price.

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wholesale jerseys, wholesale sports jerseys authentic, wholesale nfl authentic jerseys china, discount sports jerseys authentic, nfl jerseys at wholesale, nfl wholesale jerseys biz,best wholesale nfl jerseys. Who played for Manchester United and Chelsea's former Australian striker Mark - Bosnich recently said in an interview that if Rooney Chelsea, then for purposes of Manchester United, is a kind of suicide, Manchester United Wayne Rooney should not be sold to Chelsea, after Chelsea Manchester United in the Premier League's biggest rival, from the club's point of view, this behavior is tantamount to suicide if Rooney went to Chelsea, Manchester United will certainly be deeply hurt, like an Arsenal player went to Chelsea Arsenal eventually hurt. put a team of the best players to sell a club, and he might hurt you at any time, this is definitely not. Manchester United is very clear, so they do not want to sell Rooney, but the players are not happy, So you'd better sell it. David originally intended to give him the best player in the country treatment and we know his strength, so we talk to him in the summer and the contract has two years on his contract when we must renew his contract if Rooney can really be up for sale, and that he was interested in more than Chelsea for a fact, because Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is still a person, they can solve these problems have news said that although Chelsea had not expressed Rooney offer more than 30 million pounds, but Chelsea have drawn a total value of 35 million offer submitted to Manchester United. Wholesale blank nfl jerseys, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap, wholesale nfl jerseys canada, wholesale nfl jerseys, discount nfl jerseys wholesale, wholesale nfl draft jerseys, wholesale nfl jerseys factory.

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